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Packaging Professionals

At Al-Ahlia Boxes we see our role primarily as a supplier of added value. We do this by optimizing the benefits of packaging in our customer’s value chain. Our offer reaches from state-of-the-art performance packaging systems to innovative packaging concepts and designs.
Tying all this together is the determination and drive of the Al-Ahlia Boxes Carton packaging professionals to find the best way to protect, promote and assist you, your products and your customers.
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Make Your Mark

The major part of the consumer’s purchasing decision is taken at the shelf, right by the product. Just to say that packaging is an important factor in this respect is an understatement. It can be the make or break for a product in the fierce competition for the buyer’s attention.

At Al-Ahlia Boxes we have both expertise and resources to assist our customers in generating the best shelf impact and identity of their packaging. From state-of-the-art advanced printing to creative packaging design and innovative graphic communication skills.

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Exceptional Pack Design and On-Pack
Graphics Generate Greater Shelf Appeal

Whether you work with an advertising agency or if you design your own graphics, many aspects must be taken into consideration in order to produce high-impact graphics. By involving our team of graphic reproduction professionals in the early planning stage, we can help you to achieve the desired results at low operating costs.

Involve our Prepress team for:

  • Optimised print in a cost-efficient manner
  • Shorter design project lead times
  • Minimised resources from all parties

Contact Me

Safwat Alhirbawi
Deputy General Manager
Business Development Manager
T: +972 2222 5666
F: +972 2222 5659

Printing on the
Highest Level

At Al-Ahlia Boxes we use the latest technologies for offset printing solutions. Our wide in-house expertise and print competence makes us a leader in advanced printing technologies. With our equipment we produce high print quality regardless how intricate the design might be. Innovation has a constant presence during our entire print process, all in order to optimise our customers’ end result.

Design in All Dimensions

Packed with possibilities. We are ready to help you to assess how innovative packaging solutions can address your market challenges, suit user preferences and match growing functional or societal demands. This helps you to anticipate market opportunities and drive trends, rather than follow them.
We are ready to work closely with you to deliver packaging that satisfies your unique requirements. We tailor the choice of materials, graphics, shapes, functionality and look and feel properties to help your brand connect with consumers.

Al-Ahlia Packaging helps you and your company to grow in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.
Starting by reviewing how your product and its packaging will be used, we help you to improve the packaging functionality, design, look and feel as well as graphic expression and shelf impact. We also help you to qualify equipment and materials by producing test run samples to ensure machinability. We cover everything from production, product protection, storage and distribution to the retail environment.
To capture the right visual expression for your brand, we support you and your graphic designers from idea to completion to make all needed adjustments. Providing you with prototypes and mock-ups in an early stage helps you to decide for the final design.

3D Visualisation
We can also visualise new packaging concepts with 3D models and photorealistic computer renderings, allowing you to take legitimate design decisions regarding both the shape and print. This helps you save time and money in your design process.
  • Custom Diecutting
  • Foil Stamping
  • Coating
  • Labeling
  • Windowing
  • Paterened & Specializes
  • Special Inks
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Al-Ahlia Boxes is one of the largest producers of high quality folding cartons

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