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Folding Cartons

In manufacturing folding cartons at Al-Ahlia Boxes Industries Co, we understand that retail paperboard packaging provides you an opportunity to speak to your customer.

We understand that the package is often what sells the product and what makes it stand out from your competitors' products. So it has to be right – structure, graphics, color, fit, and protection.

It is essential that the integrity of your brand is maintained during the process of creating the perfect paperboard packaging for your product.

We work with you to understand your marketing challenge your budget challenge your schedule challenge.

Then we deliver the optimal mix of services needed to create paperboard folding cartons that are not only eye-catching, but effectively achieve your goals. 

Folding cartons image background
Folding cartons image background

Customer Care

Al-Ahlia Boxes Industries Co.

You can count on a single point of contact for your projects with Al-Ahlia Boxes Industries Co. - a Customer Care professional - a seasoned, knowledgeable, responsive expert who will work with you to develop the best solutions and ensure that your cost and schedule are met.

Detailed Customer Care

You can count on a single point of contact for your paperboard folding carton projects with Al-Ahlia Boxes Industries Co, - a seasoned, knowledgeable, responsive Customer Care professional.

For cost estimating, order initiation, artwork management, production scheduling, and delivery management - you don't have to interact with a different contact for each. Your dedicated Customer Care professional handles it all for you.

We understand that your product is unique. So your paperboard packaging needs are equally unique. That's why we get to know your specific marketing, schedule, and budget requirements first.
We work with you to understand what makes your product special and how it's package can most effectively reflect that.

Whether your paperboard folding carton specifications are already defined or you need to evaluate a variety of alternatives, we can help. Your Al-Ahlia Boxes Industries Co, Customer Care professional is an extension of your team and helps ensure that your objectives are met, as well as your cost and schedule.

You will also have online tools at your fingertips that will give you great insight into information about your account, status of orders, and even artwork for your paperboard folding carton packaging.

Folding Cartons Structural Design

Award-winning structural designers, working with the latest technologies, bring you innovative paperboard folding carton structures - alternatives that can address your unique needs and take your product packaging to the next level.

Whether you know exactly how you want your folding carton structure to look, or you need a partner to generate unique concepts - we're with you. Our structural designers focus first on understanding the unique qualities of your product. Then they produce innovative structural concepts that help communicate value to the customers you are trying to reach.
To help you evaluate new structural designs for folding cartons, we provide you with actual physical samples, developed through our CAD prototyping process.

We provide a 3D-style digital method for reviewing new designs through our interactive Virtual Proof™technology. This will enable you to easily share the design concept with colleagues.

No other paperboard folding cartons manufacturer has equaled the success of Al-Ahlia Boxes Industries when it comes to structural design. We have received international recognition for our folding carton designs.
What does that mean for you? It's simple. When you choose Al-Ahlia Boxes Industries for your folding cartons, you can be assured of a structural design that will make your product stand out from the crowd. And that's a benefit you can apply directly to your bottom line.

Pre-press and Proofing

Employing the latest in digital technologies, our prepress and proofing processes ensure seemless integration of your artwork and multiple levels of confirmation that your final paperboard packaging will be exactly as you intended it. Check out an example of our interactive Virtual Proof™ technology.

Folding Cartons Pre-press and Proofing Details

Employing the latest in digital technologies, our prepress and proofing processes ensure seamless integration of your artwork, followed by multiple levels of review and confirmation. So your product's folding carton package will be exactly as you intended it.
The integrity of your brand is very important. Our prepress team has many years of experience working with large global brand owners and innovative start-ups. We are agile, responsive, and can meet your unique folding carton challenges.
To help your peace-of-mind, we provide numerous steps to review and approve the components of your project. These components include: Virtual Proofs, ShelfReady mockups, and flat color contract proofs. We ensure that you know exactly how the final product will look before it even goes to press. Also, Al-Ahlia Boxes Industries’s PDF-to-PDF Comparison technology helps to ensure there is no deviation between the
Master Original artwork and the Press-Ready version.
The Interactive Virtual Proof™
Our interactive Virtual Proof™ technology delivers to you, in PDF format, a 3D-style rendering of your product's folding carton. In this Virtual Proof™, you are able to rotate a digital rendering of the folding carton structure, with artwork applied, in literally any direction and zoom in to any portion of it. And of course you can share it with colleagues for team review activities.

The ShelfReady™ System

Our ShelfReady™ system creates the opportunity for you to have prototype folding cartons that are indistinguishable from the actual production cartons. This program will enable you to show your customers, prospects or marketing team your product's new folding cartons Before they are actually manufactured
Detailed Customer Care

Folding Carton

We're continually investing in the latest printing technologies that do everything from real-time color monitoring and content flaw detection, to hexachrome output and a wide variety of coating options - all at lightning-fast speeds.

Latest Paperboard Printing Technologies

Our versatile and high-speed paperboard sheeting equipment enables us to quickly produce high quantities of precise sheet sizes for specific packaging production runs, optimizing efficiency and minimizing waste. Al-Ahlia Boxes Industries employs the best in die cutting, folding and gluing technologies to ensure versatility, accuracy and a seamless flow through the manufacturing process for every paperboard packaging project. The quickness, efficiency, and reliability of our technologies results in reduced costs for your paperboard packaging orders and on-time delivery of even the most aggressive production schedule requirements.

To meet your specific folding carton needs Al-Ahlia Boxes Industries offers a wide variety of paperboard stocks, including:

  • Virgin fiber, bleached, front-coated
  • Virgin fiber, unbleached, front-coated
  • Virgin fiber, unbleached, non-coated
  • Recycled paperboard
  • Metallized paperboard
  • Other specialty stocks

Specialty coatings, inks and on-site precision color mixing are also important features from which our customers benefit.

To offer you the best available options for your folding carton needs, we are at the forefront of the industry - continually evaluating and implementing the newest paperboard printing technologies, materials, inks, coatings, and manufacturing methods.

Special Touches

From a completely in-house precision die cutting operation to foil stamping to embossing to special coatings, Al-Ahlia Boxes Industries offers enhancement options that can refine the presentation of your product package and get it noticed.
Going beyond developing innovative paperboard structures and impeccable printing quality, Al-Ahlia Boxes Industries brings to you options that can truly help your product folding cartons stand out from the rest.

Among the special touches for folding cartons we offer to enhance the presentation of your product are:

  • Custom die-cutting
  • Windowing
  • Embossing
  • Foil stamping
  • Patterned and specialized coatings
  • Special inks
  • Labeling

Folding Carton Structures Defined

Box Outline

Seal End

Box Outline

Tuck Top Auto Bottom

Box Outline

Tuck Top 1-2-3 Bottom

Box Outline


Box Outline

Tuck End

Box Outline

4 Corner Beers Tray

Box Outline

Lock Corner Tray

Box Outline

Walker Lock Tray

Box Outline

Kwikset Tray

Closure systems

Using only the latest in die cutting materials and advanced digital plotting technologies, Al-Ahlia Boxes Industries has established a system that allows for even the most complex and unusual folding carton die to be created quickly and with pin-point accuracy. It's all done in-house, to ensure flexibility and speed in production and responsiveness to your needs.

To offer you the best available options for your unique folding carton needs, we are continually evaluating and implementing the newest technologies, materials, inks, coatings, and manufacturing methods.

Special Services

Al-Ahlia Boxes Industries can offer you additional valuable services, depending on your unique needs. We're focused on providing you with premium paperboard packaging, as well as related supporting services to help you be successful.

At Al-Ahlia Boxes Industries, we understand that your challenges - packaging, marketing, budgetary, scheduling - are unique to your business. That's why we go beyond just creating eye-catching packaging. We listen to what your needs are, and tailor a specialized set of offerings to help you succeed.

Why Paperboard?

Retailers and product manufacturers alike are increasingly turning to paperboard and folding cartons for their product packaging solutions. The multitude of benefits that paperboard offers across its lifecycle - from manufacturing to retailing to consumption and recycling - is becoming more clear to more people everyday.


Paperboard offers brand owners and manufacturers the ability to create a wide variety of structures, customized to the product, that add appeal to the consumer. High resolution graphics, two-sided print, and many special effects can strengthen brand messaging.

This results in greater appeal to shoppers and enhanced potential for sales. Research shows that cartons have greater appeal to consumers than other product packaging types.

Origami ball
Origami ball

Our structural designers focus first on understanding the unique qualities of your product

Origami butterfly
Consumer, Seller and Earth Friendliness

Folding cartons offer a wide variety of benefits

Origami rose