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We start with a clean slate then research, brainstorm, and explore all possibilities in a collaborative environment. To make your brand stand out, we first seek to understand the challenges you face, your goals and opportunities for success. We employ market research, including analysis of your brand and the competitive landscape. Then we assess production capabilities and review your design brief to guide the best possible solutions.



The ideas become more structured as we align the vision of design with the mechanics of production. The exploration continues with 3-D surface and solid modeling, in-depth relief and texture studies and even free-form sculpting. From there we move to photo-realistic renderings, prototype models, and technical concept drawings. Branding, consumer usage and shelf appeal are all in the mix of create the ideal design.



From the insights of discovery ideas begin to grow, and your solution begins to take shape. From our wold-class design and strucural design team to our welcoming Design and Innovation and Studio, you'll find an atmosphere of exploration, innovation and passion for you products. Sketches, renderings and form studies bring ideas to life. And through the power of collaboration, you just may walk away with a box design in the same day!




All the boxes are checked, resulting in a unique structure & design that has gone from specs to spectacular. Now that all parties agree, a successful product is in the proccess, final refinements are made, article drawing is initiated and the production and tooling is released. Product sampling is employed to guarantee the intergrity and consistency of the final product. Then your box make a smooth transition into production ready for the world to see, admire and buy!


How We Work ?

We have a dedicated in-house team working across all areas of the business. This means we can quickly develop a custom design for you and get your product out to the customer and into the market, way ahead of the competition.

We design, print and manufacture corrugated baord into just about every conceivable application.

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Our Products

Products & Services
Shoes box
Shoes box
Pizza box
Burger box
Fastfood tray
French fries box

Successful Stories

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Implementation of global standards

Implementation of global standards in the packaging industry such as quality standards, drawing standards and design standards

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UV printing

Today we have UV printing technology which is so important for your package.

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Client system

Client system to make our client experince amazing is about to be launched.

Latest News & Events

New Facility is almost ready

Due to Corona Pandemic and travel limitations, our plans to expand and develop was delayed, still working hard to meet our commitment to our community

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New facility will be open

New facility will be open by July this year

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Al Ahlia for boxes announces that it is now a certified company

Al Ahlia for boxes announces that it is now a certified company with a large group of companies

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Samples making

samples making is available at our facility.

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Al-Ahlia Boxes Industry Co.
  • A: Palestine - Hebron, P.O. Box : 29
  • T: +972 2222 5666
  • F: +972 2222 5659
  • C: +972 5958 06666
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